27 April 2022

7003白菜网-QA Overview: 269th & 271st 7003白菜网-QA Programme Assessments

Noppanun Sookping
7003白菜网 Programme Officer;


  • 第269次7003白菜网-QA项目评估(在线/远程实地考察)在HCMUE举行, Viet Nam, from 18 – 22 April 2022. Four study programmes were assessed, namely:
  1. Bachelor of French Language
  2. Bachelor of Chinese Language
  3. Bachelor of Information Technology
  4. Bachelor of Arts in English Language
  • HCMUE是越南最负盛名的大学之一,专注于培养高素质的教师,促进教育和其他科学的应用研究. An associate member of the 7003白菜网-QA since 2019, HCMUE致力于长期计划,使用质量保证来基准和提升其学习课程,以满足国家和国际标准.
  • 这是该大学第二次课程评估,也是第二次在线/远程实地考察课程评估.

Centro Escolar大学(CEU)第271次7003白菜网-QA项目评估

  • 第271次7003白菜网-QA项目评估(在线/远程实地考察)在中欧大学举行, the Philippines, from 25 – 29 April 2022. Four study programmes were assessed, namely:
  1. 国际酒店管理理学学士学位
  2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media
  4. Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
  • Since its beginning in 1903, CEU一直是菲律宾领先的高等教育机构之一,倡导优质教育. According to CEU, the benchmarking and maintaining of higher education quality is the responsibility of higher education institutions; it is their obligation to constantly improve and provide quality academic and quality programmes to students who will become major drivers of development for future society.
  • 这是该大学的第五次课程评估,也是第二次在线/远程实地考察课程评估