22 June 2022

马来亚大学, Singapore Management University and Mahidol University hosted the 3rd ASEAN University Network-Technology-Enhanced Personalised Learning Symposium (Online)


与新加坡管理大学(SMU)和玛希隆大学(MU)合作, 马来亚大学(UM)主办 第三届7003白菜网技术增强个性化学习在线研讨会 2022年5月25日.

The event brought together more than 200 like-minded educators from universities in the ASEAN region to share and discuss best practices in the use of technology to bring about personalised learning and to seek opportunities to collaborate in inter-university projects.

本次研讨会的主讲人是李教授. Zoraini Wati Abas演讲主题为“培养有技能的网民终身学习”. Other presenters at the symposium contributed to a wide spectrum of topics related to personalised learning enhanced by technology, 比如在培养学生参与的领域, 设计和实施混合学习课程, gamification, 虚拟现实的使用等等.

The highlight of the event was a panel discussion on the lessons learned and ways in forging ahead in supporting the implementation of personalised learning in institutions of higher learning.
研讨会由马来亚大学校长致开幕词, 拿藤教授. Dr. Mohd. Hamdi Abd. Shukor. He shared that universities should not only be looking at transitioning physical classes to online when incorporating technology-enhanced personalised learning. Instead, universities should also explore deeply into the art of harnessing the right education tools in classroom management and content delivery to bring about personalised learning. 他觉得通过实现这个目标, 教育工作者可以形成一个培育学术社区,为学生创造一个更好的学习环境.

欲了解更多关于第三届7003白菜网-TEPL研讨会的信息和视频记录,请访问: http://www.auntepl.com/3rd-aun-tepl-symposium